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  • 10 Articles - 5230 words
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10 High-Quality Articles - 5230 words

Article 1:The major theories of hypnosis (508)

Article 2:How to tap the healing power of hypnosis (560)

Article 3:How Self Hypnosis can help you (518)

Article 4:All you need to know about walking hypnosis (530)

Article 5:The power of waking hypnosis (519)

Article 6:An introduction to NLP (504)

Article 7:Use Time Line Therapy to solve your problems (521)

Article 8:How to lose weight using hypnosis (514)

Article 9:Use hypnosis to cure depression (512)

Article 10:What can go wrong during hypnosis? (515)

Article Sample:

How To Tap The Healing Power Of Hypnosis

There is more to the mind-body connection than is popularly believed, and it is because of precisely this reason that the healing power of hypnosis is coming more and more into mainstream treatment than ever before. Hypnosis can make you quit smoking, treat your phobias, lose those excess pounds, manage pain and stress, and make you so much healthier overall. The secret behind all this is the healing power of hypnosis, and how it can connect your conscious to your subconscious by the power of suggestion. Patients who learn to self-hypnotize can ward of epileptic seizures or asthma attacks, ease many kinds of discomfort and pain including migraines and cancer-associated pain, and stop hemophilia-induced bleeding. Essentially, the healing power of hypnosis works due to the powerful motivational factors in relation to positive suggestion. This empowers the patient to make positive changes in his or her life, which were previously impossible to start or keep up with, as motivation was lacking or faded away eventually. The healing power of hypnosis leads the patient to tap into the veritable gold mine that lies in the subconscious, and thus helps to connect with the deepest and most powerful part of the individual patient. Regular self-hypnosis sessions or session with your therapist can help to train your subconscious into doing what you want thus tapping the vast power that lies there.

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